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Our dispersal sale is complete and all of the does are gone.  We are still maintaining our bucks and have frozen semen available for the Toggenburg breeder looking for high-producing national show winning genetics.  Stud service is also available to local herds - health restrictions apply.

 My venture into the world of dairy goats started in 1968 with a 2-week-old Nubian kid purchased as a 4-H project.  Little did I know that "Rosie" would be the beginning of a lifelong interest and career.

The Quality Crest herd prefix has been used since the early 1970s.  First for my small Nubian herd, later for my herd of Saanens which became my sole focus in the 70's and 80's, and now, with a very small, select herd of Toggenburgs.

The Quality Crest Saanens enjoyed a modicum of success with many permanent champions, USDA/DHIR "Elite" homebred sires, Top Ten does, ADGA National Show placements and the biggest claim to fame - GCH Quality Crest JR Sugar Storm 4*M VG89, who became the All-Time Saanen Butterfat record holder that held for 20 years.  Her son, SG*B Quality Crest Patent Pending, was the first American buck of any breed offered for sale in the prestigious ADGA Spotlight Sale.

My personal involvement in the industry has included 13 years as an ADGA Director (one of only two individuals to have represented two ADGA districts, and the youngest person ever elected to the Board at the age of 21 - a long time ago!); a licensed ADGA judge since the age of 18 (I'm not telling how many years that is!); and chairman or member of more ADGA committees than I can recall.  It has been my pleasure and honor to have judged ten ADGA National Shows over the years - the first at the age of 27.  Today, I make my livliehood as publisher/editor of United Caprine News, the only monthly publication serving the dairy goat industry (http://www.unitedcaprinenews.com/).

I sold my Saanen herd in the late 1980s after moving from my boyhood home in Ohio to rural west Texas to become editor of United Caprine News.  I purchased the publication ten years later and moved to the outskirts of Fort Worth.  It was always my hope to be able to be actively involved with a herd of my own again, and after a bout with cancer I realized I was not as immortal as I thought - and I had better put my plans into action before it was too late!  So the venture into Toggenburgs began in 2007 with the purchase of four foundation does.  And, I'm happy to say, today I'm healthy and glad to be back into raising and showing dairy goats.

The Quality Crest herd is kept at a maximum of only ten does.  The focus is on production and type.  The herd is CAE negative and tested twice each year - once before breeding season and once prior to the beginning of kidding time.  Kids are raised on 100% raw goat colostrum and raw goat milk from our CAE negative animals.  The only vaccination given is CDT.  Management and nutrition are the focus of our herd health program.  Kids are raised separately from mature does until the fall.

Only kids and mature stock that I am proud to have carry the Quality Crest prefix are offered for sale as breeding stock.  Buck kids from first fresheners are offered for sale with the condition that their dams must meet my expectations upon freshening.  Due to the small size of the herd milking does are occasionally available and will be listed on our "For Sale" page.  Reservations buck kids and doe kids can be accomplished with a $100 deposit which is nonrefundable unless the kid is not born or does not meet my standards to be sold as a breeding animal - in which case you can receive a full refund, choose another kid or apply the deposit to a kid the following year.  I do, of course, reserve the right to retain any kids born for herd replacements, in which case your deposit will be refunded, carried over or transferred to another kid.

I do not like hauling animals cross country in the heat of summer so we have attended only a few national shows which were within the realm of reality for us.  Our results:

2010 - entered 4 classes and won them all, and had junior champion.  1st senior kid, first 3 yr. old, 1st best 3 junior does, 1st junior get of sire.

2012 - Grand champion, 1st junior get of sire, 1st 5-6  yr. old, 1st aged doe, Total Performer.

2013 - Grand champion, 2nd milking yearling, 1st three year old, 1st 5-6 yr. old, 1st dam & daughter

2014 - Grand champion, 1st 2 yr. old, 1st 4 yr. old, 1st aged doe, 1st dam & daughter, 1st dairy herd, Total Performer.


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A Note About Black Toggenburgs:  Black Toggenburg bucks are not eligible for registration since black is considered a disqualification in males.  Black Toggenburg does can be registered but black is a SERIOUS FAULT - registering, breeding and selling these animals is the same as doing the same with does who have extra teats or double orifices.  Everyone has their own philosophy when it comes to breeding livestock but we do not condone or recommend the breeding of these animals.